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Wire & Cable Vietnam

About Us

The 8th Vietnam International Wire and Cable Exhibition will be held in Hanoi ICE International Exhibition Center from November 20 to 22, 2024, which is the largest and most professional industry event in Vietnam's wire and cable industry. This exhibition is an organic combination of exhibition and industry summit forum, from R&D, design to manufacturing and application development, connecting the whole supply chain. Wire and Cable Show Vietnam 2024 is the most professional wire cable Show in Asia and the preferred platform for expanding the markets in  Asia.

Specialization and internalization are our develop direction, and they link the clients growing together with us. We based on clients’ success and always concern about their needs. We stand with our clients together to develop and achieve a vibrant market. Excellence and perfection are our chase; offering quality services to our guests are our working source of power. Our Clients are our top priority. We will keep fulfill our clients’ demand from time to time in every small detail. Warmly welcome every guest to cooperate and develop with us together.

Vietnam Century Exhibition Group has built up long-term commercial relationship with many corporations around the world. Based on the orientation and growing trends of market globalization and internationalization, we committed to set up our industrial model of brand services; to promote the rapid development for our industry. Join us now! We bring you a bright future in your business and shorten your gap to the global market.

Vietnam Market Introduction

Vietnam has a 7%~8% growth rate of national economic and a 10%~15% growth of electricity demand per year. In 2006, the World Bank had provided Vietnam with a $200 million loan for helping to build or improve the power transmission systems, including a number of 110 kV, 220 kV and 500 kV substations, to promote the development of the electric power industry as well as ensuring an 10%~15% growth of electricity demand and an 7%~8% growth of average economic in the next few years.

The growing demand of Vietnam electricity has also become a popular investment among the banks from different countries. According to the Vietnamese newspaper Sai Gon Giai Phong said, Vietnam plans to invest in the construction of 67 power plants (62 are planned to be completed and put into operation) in order to meet domestic electricity demand of Vietnam. Among them, 37 power plants were built by the Electricity of Vietnam with the total power of 12740MW. Another 30 power plants will be invested through BOT or IPP with the total power of 3661MW.

According to the "Vietnam National Energy Development Strategy to 2020 with an outlook to 2050" report from Ministry of Industry and Trade, the average annual increase of Vietnamese electric power was 16% from 2006 to 2010, and will be 11% from 2011 to 2016, 9.1% from 2016 to 2020 and 8% from 2011 to 2025.

In order to achieve these goals, the Vietnamese power industry needs to invest 1262.98 trillion VND (about US $79.9 billion). Among them, 52 billion US dollars will be invested in the power plants and 27.9 billion US dollars will be invested in the power grid construction. The average annual investment is estimated to reach 40 billion US dollars. The funding is mainly dependent on the self-financing of Electricity of Vietnam (EVN), the allocation of national finance and the loans from foreign countries

According to those power demand and the data about investment, it shows the Vietnamese local demand of wire and cable is huge in the next 10 years. The purpose of foreign investment in Vietnamese wire and cable industry not only satisfies the Vietnamese domestic demand, it also makes good use of Vietnamese human resources advantages, as a product processing base to reduce product costs, making the exports business strongly competitive.

  • * Wire manufacturing machinery
    * Wire processing machinery 
    * Wire products manufacturing machinery 
    * Wire finishing machinery 
    * Fastener production machinery 
    * Fastener technology 
    * Spring making machinery 
    * Cable manufacturing machinery 
    * Fibre Optic manufacturing machinery 
    * Process technology tools 
    * Auxiliary process technology materials 
    * Materials, special wires and cables 
    * Measuring and control technology 
    * Test engineering 
    * Installations for environmental protection 
    * Specialist areas 

  • * Power Transmission & Distribution Equipment & Technology
    * Power Generation Equipment - Thermal / Hydro / Nuclear
    * Alternative Sources of Energy (Wind Power, Geothermal, Solar Power, Tidal Power, etc)
    * Construction & Engineering of Turn-Key Project
    * Power Dispatching System (SCADA / DMS / EMS systems)
    * Control & Testing Equipment & Instrumentation
    * Building Electrical & Electrical Installation System
    * LV Electrical Equipment and Accessories
    * Power Electronics Equipment
    * Industrial Power Equipment
    * Energy Saving and Environmental Protection Technology

  • * Optical Communications System Equipment,
    * Optical Fibers & Cables;
    * Optical Communications Components ,
    * Fiber Lasers & Fiber Sensors and Application,
    * Optical Communications Test & Measurement Equipment:
    * Intelligent Terminal Power Source and Solutions,
    * Communications. Technology, equipment, solutions and services
    * Landline comunications,Cellular communications,
    * Radio communications,Data networks
    * Telecommunications and network infrastructure,Software,IT services
    * Mobile payments,Internet based technology and services
    * Data Centers (DC). Equipment, software, solutions and Services

Exhibition Review

International Wire & Cable Show Vietnam 2019 was held in the International Exhibition Center ICE-Hanoi, from November 20th to 22th by Vietnam Electrotechnical Industry Association (VELINA), Electric Wire and Cable Association - Ho-Chi-Minh City (HECA) and Vietnam CEG Group.

At the same time, the Show received great support from Italy Manufacturing Industry Association, Greater China Wire and Cable Association, Taiwan Electric Wire & Cable Industries, and was a great success.

Wire & Cable Show Vietnam is the most professional and largest wire and cable industry event in Vietnam. The Show combined showcases and conference study, which created a better way for exhibitors and buyers in exchanging, understanding and cooperating.

The event covered an exhibition space of 6,000 square meters. There were more than 150 exhibitors from over 15 countries and regions, such as Germany, Italy, Austria, France, the Middle East, India, Singapore, Thailand, Vietnam, China, Taiwan, Korea and Japan.


We had a number of more than 3850 professional visitors from over 20 countries and regions.

Exhibition Data

       150 exhibitors from over 15 countries and regions

                     3850 professional visitors from over 20 countries and regions

76% of exhibitors said: this has effect of professional wire and cable, is one of the best platform in the development of Vietnam and ASEAN market.
70% of the exhibitors in the exhibition can find agents and partners.
65% of the exhibitors in the exhibition meeting local agents and distributers to promote exchanges and cooperation.